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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton I may have just bought this book because of the cover. I had a moment of weakness and the cover looked like the book had a lot of realism, drama, and a whole lot of tense romance. But I was wrong. The cover said one thing, but the contents of the book said another.

The Perfect Play is in fact a well-written book. It had great characters and wonderful dialogue but the plot was missing a whole lot of… well… everything. The book was excessively light. It even made me stop reading once or twice. I eventually got bored of the storyline and I wanted so desperately just to stop reading because well… there was absolutely nothing going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole Playboy Quarterback gets tamed by an independent Event Planner and all that. But come on. There has to be something more than the predictable Playboy gets tamed. I’m a little disappointed at how much forced drama there was. It wasn’t even the type of drama to be shocked about. They literally had a crying fest and it was all because of silly confessions of the past. They even thought they would lose each other over it. Honestly, their ‘secrets’ wasn’t a big deal at all anymore.

Bottom line is… the book was okay. It’s a great read for romance lovers because of the tension, characters, dialogue and the cliche plot but I do warn you, do NOT expect to have much going on. Or to cry over anything in the book. Read at your own risk.