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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
The Devil's Metal - Karina Halle If a non-self-help book could inspire me to write. It would hands-down be this one. The amazing writing style of Halle brought back my worries about reviewing books by experienced writers. What gives me, a lone reader and reviewer, the right to criticize a book that was brilliantly written by an amazing author like Karina Halle? That's one question that will always be left unanswered.

The Devil's Metal contains the basic four things of the 1970's, alcohol, drugs, sex and rock'n'roll. The four things that was basically shunned by many during that time (if I am not mistaken). And the four things that brought this book to life. And the fact that the book was almost based on the authors real experiences, made the storyline even more intriguing.

Dawn is a writer and a music lover. And if you mix them together, you'll have a very talented music journalist, who gets a chance to go on tour and document her favorite band's experiences on this particular tour. I loved Dawn, she is the brave person I'd like to be one day (minus the four basic things of the 1970's) and the kind of writer I'd love to be. Reading her story made me experience so much without even going through it in real life. And that is all thanks to Karina Halle's fabulous detailing writing skills!

The book is categorized as Paranormal as well as New Adult. New Adult, I got the moment I began the book but Paranormal element in the book was vague until the end when things are explained to Dawn (Demons!). Which was different and definitely the kind of different that I love experiencing. Likewise, the best element of the book was how realistic life on a metal tour is like and the fact that it was based in the late 1970's made it all even better.

In the end, The Devil's Metal in itself is a soul-sucking book that is simply unputdownable. Everything Karina Halle writes leaves us at the most annoying cliffhanger and all together, books that sparks up an addiction that I don't think is healthy. I absolutely loved the Devil's Metal and everything written by Karina and with that I've got one more thing to say: Karina, You better be planning to release the sequel very soon!