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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
Blood's Voice (House Millar, #1) - Aine Massie Just when I thought Vampires were all the same Aine Massie comes in with her unique blend of how vampires are in her book "Blood's Voice". At first I was dragging my feet through the first hundred pages then again for the next hundred. I enjoyed how different the vampires were but I didn't connect well with the main character and I didn't like the dialogue and thats weird for me to say since I rarely dislike how the books are written and the main characters them self. I just felt that Anya was too monotoned in her narration and the dialogue felt a little weird.

Blood's Voice is a string filled with events that keep you reading. Though I found it difficult to read through probably because I was reading it through my computer screen instead of my iPad. It still held its mild plot and Massie really kept at it with her writing.

Some bits to the story seemed rushed and choppy but Massie mixes it up with the romance bit which was really interesting and a bit strange in the beginning but as you read through you begin to love both guys and grow accustomed to their interactions with the main character.

Though as much as I liked how things went with the romance between one of the boys and the main character. I found the story not holding up with me and it was difficult for me to read and really grasp. But I admire Aine's ability to actually write something and finish it. And I have hope that the second book would be better than the first. 3/5 stars.