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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
Timeless - Alexandra Monir I am amazed at how different the story is in so many levels. For one, the mystery, the endless mystery about who her father is, what her mother is hiding, what her grandmother is hiding and how this time traveling mambo-jambo works. If you're one of those people, who enjoys trying to predict what's and how's of every mystery, then you'll love this.

Second, the romance. How would you feel if you fell in love with someone, who isn't from your time? If I was in Michele's position, I'll be a downright depressed, while I try to figure out how to get him into my time, so we can be together. But damn. All is lost with this one.

Finally, the Time Traveling. This isn't the book, where the protagonist finds out they're paranormal. Though this still falls under the paranormal, our protagonist, Michele, is just like every other girl, and her ability to Time Travel came from an old artifact that was her fathers and I simply enjoyed it whenever Michele goes back in time, and meets her female ancestors, and discovering that she was one of the reasons, why they've made it big. Each one of them a huge piece in Michele's life. An inspiring song-writer, Michele is very creative but still your usual teenager with the addition of Time Traveling.

This is fresh intake, in the paranormal genre. Even better than the Greek Myths. A very dusty, mysterious, vibrant and unputdownable read from the new author Alexandra Monir, who is sure to write you mind-wrecking cliffhangers, that'll make you want more.

And... I totally love Philip! PHILIP! *swoooon*