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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Now, to think of an introduction for this review. Lets begin with... I was surprised that I was immediately pulled into the story as soon as I started the book. Even the prologue got be reading further.

The books setting is amazing. This is my first Steampunk novel and I must say that I love it! It has my favorite bits from every genre I've ever read. YA, historial and romance all in one. Clare has me stuck on her web with this one. :D

The whole magical world of the Shadowhunters, Mundanes and Downworlders is brilliant and uncomparable! I have nothing more to say about the hierarchy of that! Onto the characters!

Tessa is a wonderful character I adored her determination to find her brother and how much shes willing to endure just for him. Talk about brotherly love. Her "gift" is a very unique one indeed. She can shape shift sure but she can do a lot more as she shape shifts. You should read the book to find out what. Honestly, I was waiting for her to be a real ass kicker but it never came. Probably will come in the next installments maybe?

Will and Jem, the bestfriends and love interests of Tessa. Lets start with Jem, he is adorable and half-Chinese! I did not see that one coming. But I liked it. Clare really did put a lot of thought into her characters. Jem is sweet and sickly. Somewhat likes Tessa but now I'm not so sure. Will on the other hand is a complete jerk. He is so cute and hot and all but a real asshole. I really don't get him. I feel for Tessa every time she has to deal with him. His mixed signals and everything. I don't know what he'll end up doing next. But I still prefer him for Tess despite the fact that he keeps hurting her.

My favorite character is Henry, hes just so funny. I reminds me of someone from a book or a movie but I can't place who. The way he dresses and the way he spends his time in his laboratory inventing things and then tests them only to have them blow up in his face. Its really funny and cute. I adore him and his wife too.

I think I'll stop here otherwise I'll be typing up spoilers. Overall, the book was fabulous. I enjoyed the dialogue and loved the style of writing, it really makes you not want to put the book down. Clare is truly an amazing writer. I can't wait to read more from her.

An unputdownable book from Cassandra Clare! 5/5 stars!

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