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Established back in 2011, Unputdownable Books is my way to help out indie authors by posting reviews of their books, and other marketing posts for blog tours. Of course, I also review other non-indie books just for pleasure. :D
Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead One word. Unbelievable.

The entire time I was reading this 5th installment, I had no idea what would happen next. Plot twists are every where and it literally had me screaming "Oh My God"each time. I had no idea that would happen. It was a big slap in the face. Mead hasn't written just any other vampire book. She wrote THE vampire book. Her writing is amazing starting off with the first book in the series. Its not just about vampires its about everything else in life and sometimes you feel like you're just reading about just another person. The book felt normal and yet very unique.

The characters began growing with each page. Lissa, really grew in terms of power and Adrian I was beginning to love Adrian more than Dimitri in this one. I started hating Dimitri while he self pitied himself and shunned everyone away from him like he doesn't deserve any of them Oh the drama! But hey, what is a book without a little drama.

Richelle Mead's writing is very unpredicatable and makes you shiver in anticipation for a solution to the current problem only to have another problem sling back into your faces as you read.

This book was unputdownable and simply left me in an awe and with that I'm dieing everyday until the last book gets to me by post (exaggeration intended). I can not wait.

If you haven't started this series you should its utterly amazing.

5/5 stars for this!

I feel like I should say more since this book was utterly amazing but really this series has left me speechless.

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